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How to Meet and Find The Top BDSM clubs in the area in order to have super hot kinky sex with powerful and dominant Domme Escort Women

How to Meet Up at a BDSM Club for the First Time, What is the Protocol for This?

Meeting up at a BDSM club for the first time usually has the protocol of just simply trying to meet friends and acquaintances the first time you go, and not expecting to have sexy time for the first time that you visit a BDSM club. These initial meet and greets are known primarily as munchins, and typically consist of individuals that are also very much interested in the BDSM culture themselves, and that are either fairly experienced with the game, having been their for years and years on end and had sex with multiple partners in the group, or are brand new to the club, and are looking for some sexual action themselves. Take it from me that you should not go to one of these club meetings the first time expecting sex, and that you should instead go as a way to make new friends in the BDSM culture, to gossip about what sex partners like what, and to see what BDSM sex partners might be game to have kinky sex, versus which may be a little bit out of your league with regards to violence, kinkiness, and the like of sexual acts.

What is the Membership Fee and Filing Fee for a BDSM Club to Meet a dominatrix Woman, and What is the Proper Etiquette for the First Day At The Club?

For the most part, the membership fee and the filing fee when you go to these BDSM clubs is going to be minimal at the worst, and in-fact for the most part it can be as low as like twenty dollars a month, which is what it was around the first time I went into a sexy bondage club. I remember my first time into a BDSM club meet and greet like it was yesterday, I walked into what looked like an abandoned restaurant out in Brooklyn, New York, and pushed a bright red curtain out of the way in the back room of the club, walking in to a group of sexed individuals tied up on a saint Andrew’s cross and having their way with each other, quickly moving in on each other to engage in kinky sex acts, with a room of about twelve other people watching the act occur in its entirety.

As I had read online previously, you shouldn’t just try to immediately jump into the party and join in on the festivities, instead, you should simply try to make friends, be really nice to the people around you in the club meeting event and should not expect to have sexual intercourse on the first day. I actually ended up standing out from the crowd as a result of my own caution, and ended up actually getting laid the second time I visited the BDSM club, as one of the fairly attractive women of the club that I had become much more accustomed to and had become more friendly with over the years actually became good friends with me rather fast, went on lunch and dinner dates with me quite regularly, and finally ended up having sex with her in the BSDM room, where she did her domme style escort routine on me and dominated me all night. As stated in the former, as a result of my own caution, innocence and friendliness, I was quickly able to seduce and befriend this woman, and got laid in the process on a very regular, weekly basis, with regular BDSM sex always being accounted for.

What is a Domme escort woman, does she dominate you or do you dominate her?

While most domme escort women are not going to let the man dominate her very often, there are some that like to assume both roles, and that are bratty type BDSM women, attempting to upset the man in question so that he punishes them and dominates them even harder, often times called topping from the bottom, however for the most part the domme escort woman is going to want to dominate you, as she is a dominatrix, a dominant woman, and usually is looking for very attractive or submissive men.

What type of kinky stuff will these women do? Do these women like hurting men or do they hate men, or are they just Very Into Sexual Intercourse?

Most of these women do not like hurting men for the sake of pain, they like hurting men for the sake of pure pleasure and sex! When a domme escort woman is going to be having sex with a man, she enjoys pleasing him, and I have even personally seen hot domme escort women that after hitting their main on the penis or slapping him on the ass or the back too hard, that she will make sure that he is okay before doing anything else to him. Most of these women are very kind people, and most of these men have to endure really hard lives, and are forced to either work to make a living, deal with wives who ridicule their every single move, and finally that nag them like crazy, having to keep up the role of being a manly man. With myself included in this category, sometimes it is nice to be a submissive, to have the woman entirely take control of the sexual encounter, and to feel free, relaxed and in someone else’s arms while you are pleasured.

Final Thoughts on Domme Escort Women in BDSM clubs, and the Risks and Rewards of Using Them

All in all, if you’re looking for some relaxing, kinky, super submissive sexual intercourse with a hot domme escort woman that will screw your brains out and give you the ride of your life, go to BDSM clubs and fulfill your heart’s desires!